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01 March 2003

Published: 1st March 2003
Vancouver Make Up Artist
INTERNATIONALLY-acclaimed makeup artist Shaifa is already Vancouver's Top Make-Up Artist. Tinseltown is vowing to have her to do some famous Hollywood stars, and they will fly in from Los Angeles just to have Shaifa do their make up.
Shaifa is best known for her Bollywood Make Up style which has landed her several contracts and featured famous local and international actresses, and she is known as one of the Vancouver's leading Ethnic makeup artist due to her understanding of Ethnic skin tones.
Her skill comes naturally, as an aspiring young artist who many say has a magic touch. Shaifa has worked on numerous shows and sitcoms as a freelance artist, and is currently working with Hollywood producers at Vancouver North Hollywood studios.

Said Shaifa: "I've worked with Holt's for a long time, and have no plans to move to Bollywood or Hollywood. With offers pouring in to work movie sets, and local venues she is content.
Shaifa has been in the makeup industry for over 12 years, and would like to try and do something different, it'll be interesting to see how Hollywood actresses look in Bollywood style makeup and vice versa, says Shaifa, now that Aishwarya Rai is working with L'Oreal in the USA.
Shaifa has worked with big names such as Dolce and Gabbana, Elite Models, Armani, MIA, Morgan and Millennium Jeans International to name a few. She currently works at Holt Renfrew, Vancouver's prestigious high end clothing retailer. Recently attended the International Wedding Exhibition in London for a three day event where a team of makeup artists and stylists created the hair and makeup for the exhibition's much hyped catwalk show. She also held demonstrations on makeup application and showed how to get the latest Bollywood look along with the seasons bridal looks.

Shaifa grew up in Vancouver, Canada. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of British Columbia, she worked eight years with a major financial institution as an auditor. Shaifa became interested in the fashion and business world while jet-setting on business trips with her husband. Interest piqued, she returned to school and professionally trained at the London school of Fashion and Design in 1997, and went to work with some of Europe's prestigious cosmetic houses including Jo Malone. Soon after she joined her husband, Moe Somani, founder of Millennium Jeans International. With Somani's global connections, and Shaifa's Fashion and Design skills she helped launch Millennium Jeans International in 1997, an overnight success story, with 78 flagship stores and 32 specialty retail stores in 32 countries, and with locations in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. With Millennium Jeans International at its peak in the new millennium, Somani sold the entire clothing chain to a brand name competitor in 2001. After the sale of Millennium Jeans International, and with Shaifa as the leading make up artist for Millennium Jeans International, news of her cutting edge makeup skills and techniques spread rapidly throughout Europe and Asia. She became a respected name in the beauty industry in the late 90s, and was able to secure contracts with some of the biggest names in the Make Up industry.

Said Shaifa: "When I first started in this industry there wasn't a market for Ethnic skin. Many makeup artists didn't know the first thing about how to apply makeup on Ethnic women and they didn't have a clue about the right colours to use.

"As an Indian myself I always had trouble buying makeup to suit my skin tone and I realized that other people had the same problem. So I started working with various mixtures and colours and soon changed the way ethnic women wore makeup, for example I got away from bright pinks, blues and purples that many ethnic women were wearing.

"It didn't look good on them at all. So I started using more autumn colours - different shades of brown and maroons which looked good on their skin tones and a lot more modern."

Deepak Shawna News Reporter

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