Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Vancouver Makeup Artist

Recently i saw a posting abouver vancouver make up artist Shaifa here. I have to say she is the nicest, honest and talented person I've met in a long time, and the thing that impresses me the most is that she is sooo humble about it.

She does not look at brides and think how much money she can make off of these girls..She tells the truth and she makes you feel like it is about them. On other websites I've heard of so many brides being taken advantage of by so called professionals and I have experienced this first hand as well. I never got that from Shaifa...she listened to my ideas and she came up with something that suits me and my style.

She tried a look that I did not like and she did not get upset when I was honest, and she just came up with another look.. She said to me that it is my day and she will take care of me so I just need to relax...you have no idea what that means to a stressed out bride. No one else I met with for makeup said that to me, I found that other makeup artists saw me as a face that they could makeup...shaifa tried to understand me as a person and my lifestyle to come up with what I wanted not what you thought would look best.

Trust me I just mentioned her name and her talent speaks for itself. Shaifa is truly amazing and works at Holt Renfrew, one of the high end stores in downtown vancouver, and if you call the store and ask any of the staff who they think is the most talented make up artist, they will tell you shaifa is the best and can achieve any look you want no matter what nationality or ethnic skin tone. they even told me she does a lot of celebrity clients and considering all thsi girl is very down to earth and has no attitude.

I think this is what makes a real true and talented artist, and to top it off her prices are very reasonable, other artists charge hundreds of dollars and have a bad attitude. If you don't like the look they created for you, they get pised off.

okay, i just wanted to share my experience, and if you are looking for a artist that is sincere and honest then you should look up shaifa make up artist in vancouver or at holt renfrew.


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