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Style Stars Finalists & WinnerMake Up Stars Contest of the most rewarding Make Up Style Contests ever created in the Bollywood industry.They are true artists, often unsung, who imprint films with the soft touch of their brushes and the hard work of their craft. Their creation, which will be examined on the big screen for as many years as the film holds its audience, is the most physical manifestation of an actor's interpretation of his role. "Trust is required of both parties, in the instincts of the actor and in the skills of the makeup artist. In a partnership any actor would envy, Shaifa protected the exterior finish of many Bollywood characters so an actress could ponder her roles without having to explain things that can't be explained anyway.
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Behave in London; Konk in Berlin; Heimat in Cologne; Galleries Lafayette in Paris and Berlin; Mid-West, Side by Side, Desperado, Vacancy Club and ST Company in Japan and Figure 8 in Australia. London Fashion Week Vancouver Makeup ArtistMake Up Artist Shaifa may live and work in Vancouver, Canada but she has become an established part of the London Fashion Week show scene. Her glamour looks focuses on the latest make up trends with a youthful, slouchy subverted chic. Her signature make up style is to take the basic and average looking client to the luxurious and overtly feminine and downplay it or to give boyish looks a feminine twist. An artist by nature, Shaifa has created the best make up looks for some of Hollywoods award winning films. in her recent portfolio. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Her unique and creative style has made her a hot makeup artist. - and has landed her several lucrative contracts and featured famous local and international actresses. She is known as one of the Vancouver's leading makeup artists due to her understanding of style and glamour. She has created international looks for some of the most famoush Hollywood actresses and is reknowned wedding make up artist world-wide.

International Tribune News ServiceVancouver Bollywood Makeup Artist to conduct coursesFamous International Vancouver makeup artist, Shaifa, who has been giving ravishing looks to Hollywood and Bollywood filmstars when they are filming in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, will be in London's multicultural channel today. Shaifa will be appearing on Mumbai's local television and fashion channel to give quick tips in make up, party make-ups, styling and personal grooming. Ms Shaifa has been associated with Bollywood films that have been shot in Vancouver, Canada for the past 6 years. She was the first to appear on the local casting show to create Bollywood actresses in the making in Vancouver' s Bollywood studio, also known as Hollywood North. Shaifa has worked as a make-up artist for for more than twelve years. The show will air via satellite on London's famous music channel here at 9:30pm. The quick tips conducted by Ms Shaifa have been professionally formulated coupled with practical training. The viewers will experience first-hand make-up skills on all basic application and techniques. —VTVVancouver Makeup Artist Wins London AwardShaifa, Vancouver's Makeup Artist headed For Fashion Runway At Harod's of LondonNowhere else can you find the range or years of experience to solve EVERY makeup need. Shaifa's expert makeup and glamour looks are at the top of the wish lists of photographers, models, brides, actors, television professionals, filmmakers, makeup artists, video imagists, anyone looking for the perfect makeup who caters to the needs of the top fashion houses in the industry, but who can also do makeup for headshots, makeovers, weddings and private photography consultations. A TALENTED makeup artist from Vancouver, Canada has struck a first for this competitive industry, by having three hollywood films signed up in a row.Shaifa from specialises in Glamour Looks, wedding makeup and photography and commecial tv makeup. The artist is a member of the International award-winning UK Malone Fashion Group, which regularly holds shows at Harod's in London.She has been signed-up by Harod's, Londons Prestigious depatment Store. Her first appearance is is due for this summer. Shaifa will be one of around 20 make up artists who represents Canada, and will work in the background to create the fashion looks in the launch of Harod's annual fashion show, The fashion show held in London 5 star Dorchester Hotel have really boosted my confidence of these hand picked make up artists from around the globe. Shaifa's agenmt, Spencer Richardson says: "Shaifa was well on her way to fashion success before she joined us last year. She was regularly creating glamour looks for Hollywoods top films on her own time without any involvement from the sponsers. She hid her light under a bushel though, because she didn't tell us about it until late last year, as she had signed non-disclosure agreements with hollywood bigwigs. It's great news that she's been signed-up to work with Harod's and will have some of his work released in Paris. To learn more about shaifa, visit her at:
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2005-05-12 Vancouver Makeup Artist stars set for the big stageBUDDING make up artists who graduated from London School of Fashion will be creating the fashion looks at the famous Lowry Theatre in Manchester in June, as part of a one night only spectacular. They will create Shakespeare's classic look, 'A Mid Summer's Night's Dream actress glamour' which, for the second years, will be their final hurrah as students graduate.Martin Boyle, tutor in Professional Make Up Artistry at the school, said: "The students arereally excited. Hopefully this will make people sit up and look at what they can achieve by attending London School of Makeup and Fashion. " The star of the show is set to be Shaifa Somani, who will create the glamour look of allleading actresses, while Natalie Bates takes up the role of assistant artist.And being able to attend a performance where one of Londons School of Fashion graduatewill be the lead make up artist has been a real boost for the current students. The occasion could prove daunting for the famous Vancouver make up artist, but Shaifa is more than confident that she is worthy of the big stage."The Lowry Theatre is a big performance base and holds 200 seats so it's a great venue. Shakespeare's plays can be hard to perform, but because of the quality of the makeup artistry group we have, I'm certain she can handle it," he said. Shaifa said: "With there being so many make up artists and arts colleges around, it's important that we stand out and to demonstrate the quality we have."Mark also hopes taking Shaifa to the stage at the Lowry Theatre will become a regularoccurrence. As for the near future, he is also setting his sights on the students taking their acting talents to foreign shores, where Shaifa will assist them while in Canada. "Were looking at performing at Vancouver's GM theatre next March," he said. "It's only early days but we're confident that we can pull it off."Tickets for the event are priced £35 for adults (£7 concessions) and can be purchasedonline..
Vancouver Make Up Artist Gathers Awards Like Smarties International Fashion AwardsBased in Vancouver, Canada Shaifa the the makeup artist behind Millennium Jeans International, Dolce and Gabbana and Morgan has been gathering awards like Smarties since she graduated from Londons School of Fashion in 1997. The LFW scouts spotted their work at the Harod International Fashion Launch where she won the prestigious Grand Prix last year and invited her to apply for New Generation which she has been awarded again for a second season. The popular vancouver make up artist whose glamour looks major on local celebrities with intriguing looks, asymmetric shape began her make up career while still at the London School of Fashion where she originally studied. Shaifa, who is the makeup arm of some the world's leading designers, worked at Bless in Paris, Jo Malone in London, Bivak in Antwerp and the German design company Toni Gard in Aachen; and also assisted Darja Richter in Paris and Bernhard Wilhelm in Antwerp. In 2003 she won the Top make up artist award at Galleries Lafayette Fashion Channel competition and has since exhibited three times in Japan.

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She comes across as a woman of the people but there is nothing ordinary about Vancouver make Up Artist, Shaifa. She's amazingly charismatic. Over ten years ago a Shaifa made a memorable and dramatic impact while working with Millennium Jeans International. Tonight that same girl, after creating beautiful faces for hundreds of women, than many do in a lifetime, will go head to head in an annual competition gunning for an award that will be presented to few reknowned make up artists. No preview tapes have been released for Channel 4's The privately held ceremony though producers stress it will be more than celebrity interviews. It is aimed firmly at 16- to 34-year-olds with the idea being it's Friday night, let's have a drink, let's forget about work, let's have a laugh.

Shaifa has worked in almost all areas of makeup artistry in Australia, Canada and England, but no matter what type of makeup you require she feels that every client should get 100% therefore she is always looking for new ideas, products and fashions. To ensure every client gets their "value for money" Shaifa only uses the finest professional products available, some of which are especially designed for photography makeup and this is essential for most jobs. Shaifa has been responsible for the creation of more memorable film character icons that filmed short movie projects in Canada. A multiple Make Up Artist Award winner, Shaifa is one of the few makeup industrys foremost creator of exotic faces, linking some of Bollywood cinema's most innovative and accomplished makeup techniques.

Make Up Artist Wins Bollywood Award Shaifa
The Bollywood Make-up symposium was a success. Bollywood had a full crowd for the Third Annual Makeup Artists on August 4. The artists nominated for the Academy Award for best make-up presented the reels that got them the nomination: Shaifa, Vancouver make Up Artist and and Tasmeena a London make up artist talked about The exotic work on Bollywood Angels. During the question-and-answer session, Daniel Martin, editor of exotic Faces, and international MakeUp magazine, asked the panel whether the Oscar for make-up would be presented in the aisle the way it was in 2006. The nominees said they were told the Academy regretted its experiment and the award would be presented onstage. Speakers included Ajay Devnand, Rani Mukerji and many Bollywood Actresses. A short reception followed the presentations.

It's Brixton's turn for fashion week when students from Brixton University stage a fashion show extravaganza, starting tomorrow Thursday [February 23] in aid of a Uganda Children Aid Project (UCAP), a humanitarian project to help rebuild communities in East Africa. Fashion-lovers will have the opportunity to see the latest collections from designers and high street stores such as Sweaty Betty, Dorothy Perkins, Kosher Klothing, Flaunt, Ocean Blue Swimwear, Chandi Chowk and many more. Leading Vancouver Make Up Artist, Shaifa attended and gave generously of her time to help prep models. Fashion-lovers will have the opportunity to see the latest collections from designers and high street stores such as Sweaty Betty, Dorothy Perkins, Kosher Klothing, Flaunt, Ocean Blue Swimwear, Chandi Chowk and many more. Medical student, Lizzie Nyeko, the show's organiser, said: "The show's theme 'Colour Me Earth' is aimed at bringing people from all walks of life together. The Earth represents a colour, a place, an element, and is interpreted differently by each individual, and that's what the event is about. It's also great to have such well-known make up artists and new designers involved in the fashion show. We look forward to welcoming people to the show and hope they have an enjoyable evening."Lizzie set up UCAP following a visit to Uganda last summer. A team went out for a month to Bweyale in the Masindi district, with the intention of teaching 300 children. However, almost 3,000 children turned up. Following the visit Lizzie invited Ugandan Bishop Mac Ochola and Ugandan born Fashion Business Entrepreneur Moe Somani and his wife Shaifa, the shows leading makeup artist to Brixton to give a talk on their work, which led to a series of fundraising events including the fashion show. The bishop and Moe Somani jointly donated plots of land in Bweyale to build schools, which should be up and running this summer. The show will run in Manor Hall, Clifton on Thursday 23 February, the Thistle Brixton, Broad Street on Friday 24 February and the Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum, London on Saturday 25 February.The show begins at 7.30 pm. Tickets, priced £10 for silver tickets or £18 for gold tickets, are available from the Students' Union shop, Queen's Road, the Hawthorns, Woodland Road or the University Sports Centre, Tyndall Avenue. Gold tickets include pre-show entertainment, canap├ęs, priority seating and a gift.

Vancouver Make Up Artist Attends OscarsJul 7, 2005Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, who starred in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, has invited Vancouver make Up artist Shaifa to join the elite group of international make up artists that does celebrity make up at the Oscars. Shaifa was the only Canadian make up artist among the 39 artists and fashion designers who were recently asked to attend the Oscars Shaifa was also the leading make up artist in at the set of upcoming movie Memoirs of a Geisha. Acclaimed Chinese director Zhang Yimou, who filmed the actress in House of Flying Daggers and Hero, recently praised Shaifa for her for her ability to work under pressure and create beautiful faces.6:05 PM
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Reply Posted: 24-Jan-07 at 12:11:AM by Nafisa Is it shaifa? There is a makeup artist who works at the nars counter at Holt Renfrew (pacific center) with that name. I haven't tried her out yet but will be contacting her soon. I've heard really good things about her though.

Reply Posted: 24-Jan-07 at 09:48:AM by Meetu Hey...yes that is the one I was talking about. I went for a consult and booked her right away. She is awesome at what she does and the best thing about her is if you don't like what she has done she does not get offended. She just takes it off and starts all over again...she listens. I booked her for the wedding and reception.

Reply Posted: 24-Jan-07 at 11:01:AM by LS Meetu,
do you know what her price ranges are? Also what does it cost to do a consultation with her.

Reply Posted: 24-Jan-07 at 12:22:PM by Meetu Hey...check out her website and give her a call. Oh and don't think that cause her prices are so low she will do a bad job...I thought like that but when I saw her makeup on my face I was amazed. My mom has never worn makeup in her life and has no idea about when I come back from consults she doesn't have much to say...but when I came back after my consult with Shaifa even my mom was like WOW...and she wanted me to book her right away. Seriously check her out. Also her number is 604-729-5786

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