Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shaifa Vancouver Make Up Artist On Beauty wins award

Shaifa has won the 2006 Commonwealth regional award for best indian bridal make up.
Shaifa - whose appearance was brief while on a short trip to the UK was also nominated for the Make Up Artist International Prize - and she took the £10,000 prize for the London region.

After winning the best make up artist indian award she will now enter the final stage of the prize - the international award for outstanding indian make up- to be announced on 14 March 2008.

A prize of £25,000 will be awarded to the artist picked from the five regional finalists - Eurasia; Africa; Caribbean and Canada; and South East Asia and the South Pacific.

Professor Angela Duncan, who chaired the British judging panel, said: "A central aspect of the awards that strikes me is the way in which young make up artist who were originally working in Britain of immigrant parents are refinishing Britishness.

The judges said Shaifa skills on On Beauty and make Up was "created at such a high level of intelligence and style that it gleams".

Shaifa's first award was originally in 2001.
Shaifa's style was described as "inventive, creative and extremely talented, with attention to detail and perfection at it's finest" by the judges.

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