Sunday, February 10, 2008


MAKE UP ARTIST OF THE YEARBehave in London; Konk in Berlin; Heimat in Cologne; Galleries Lafayette in Paris and Berlin; Mid-West, Side by Side, Desperado, Vacancy Club and ST Company in Japan and Figure 8 in Australia. London Fashion Week Vancouver Makeup ArtistMake Up Artist Shaifa may live and work in Vancouver, Canada but she has become an established part of the London Fashion Week show scene. Her glamour looks focuses on the latest make up trends with a youthful, slouchy subverted chic. Her signature make up style is to take the basic and average looking client to the luxurious and overtly feminine and downplay it or to give boyish looks a feminine twist. An artist by nature, Shaifa has created the best make up looks for some of Hollywoods award winning films. in her recent portfolio. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Her unique and creative style has made her a hot makeup artist. - and has landed her several lucrative contracts and featured famous local and international actresses. She is known as one of the Vancouver's leading makeup artists due to her understanding of style and glamour. She has created international looks for some of the most famoush Hollywood actresses and is reknowned wedding make up artist world-wide.

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