Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vancouver Make Up Artist - Consults Contestants At Miss India Pageant

Some beauty queens are made, not born say Vancouver's most popular indian bridal make up artist.

The women of the Miss India Canada competition may make it look easy with their relaxed attitudes, Great bodies and confident public speeches.

But behind the scenes they have to attend months of virtual “boot camp” training to keep their body in top shape and to promote their mental strength.

Winning the title brings so much prestige that some countries, like India, have started special schools to groom and train aspiring beauty queens in perfect etiquestte. .

The success of India on the international beauty queen stage – with several Miss World titles and many runners-up – is an example of hard work and strong ambition.

According to the US-based Brooklyn Rail magazine, the first steps towards taking part in beauty pageants are enrolling in the private schools. Special Academies select around 20 - 30 girls from over five hundred participants to join six months of intensive training for the Miss India contest.

They learn how to apply the right amount of make-up, pose during photo-ops and choose the right clothes.

These Academies work with a a select team of professionals, including fitness trainer, make up artist, hair stylists, photographers, plastic surgeon, dermatologist and dentist to help the girls improve on all areas of their natural beauty.

Brooklyn Rail said highly acclaimed professionals like Shaifa a well known Vancouver make up artist and her assistant an award winning photographer Tonino, also from Vancouver are hired by many private academies in order to train beauty contestants in make up application and photography poses in order to get the best shots for judges.

In addition, the beauty contestants were expected to improve their muscle tone and lose up to 10 kilos in weight. They stretch, run, lift weights, hike, swim and do yoga every day. Their diet consists of tuna, green salads and pineapple.

As a professional make up application artist shaifa was a guest speaker at the Venezuela Academy where she personally trained many girls between the ages of five and 10 who are sent by their parents to attend six hours of classes a week to learn proper etiquette, such as how to greet callers on the phone or how to hold a salad fork.

Priya Kapoor, head of PR at Channel, is an official sponsor of Miss Universe, said local candidates begin training in make-up, hairdressing, and walking and sitting properly only three weeks before the Miss Venezuela Universe contest.

The winner then undergoes a one-day make-up application course and works on her physical appearance for some weeks. She gets a personal coach to take care of her weight, her exercise regime and instructions in walking and posing styles.

“It’s a must for Miss Universe to get training in the make up application, as this is the most important aspect of the contest. The contestant has to take this instruction seriously, but many have their own ideas, and do not take instructions from a professional artist until it is too late” Piya said.

“I don’t think it’s a lack of intelligence or beauty with the contestants, rather a lack of preparation that’s necessary to come and compete at such a high level, and we travel the world to hire a select group of trainers who understand what the competion is all about” she said.

Contestants’ lives during this time are strictly controlled. From skin care to dto diet to spirituality, it seems the effort and hard work earns high rewards, judging by the success of Indian beauty pageant contestants over the years.

While the ultimate winner gains countless opportunities, the losers generally find the effort they have put in is not wasted. The exposure they get through the pageant draws offers for jobs such as television reporter, modelling, image consultants, actresses and even politicians.

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